Johnny McKee

Night & Day

Artist Statement

The reflection on the realization of one’s mortality fuels my work currently. I have been able to greive, meditate, pray, and reflect while making my newest series of work based on the sky. My nighttime skies have an obsessive amount of white dots on a dark ground that resembles the night sky. The process of making the ”stars” gives me a way to work that allows my mind to focus and reflect. It’s a very spiritual process for me. And I believe the finished piece often resembles the questions of negligibility that I ask myself while making it. The day time landscapes, often with a low horizon to emphaszie the sky and not the land, are more about the weather. Earth’s atmosphere creates a veil between me, or the viewer, (on Earth) and the answers for which I search. These ideas, and trying to express them in a way that is not cliche or trite, is what excites me.

cloudy11234 lilwatercolor1 Mom Becoming Negligible Below Expectations