Kate Oberreich

This is Progress

Artist Statement

Symbolism, sometimes heavy handed, has always been important to me.  Various objects hold special meaning and form a sort of autobiographical account of my experiences.

A need to re-evaluate my needs and change some priorities have prompted a shift in the symbolism behind much of my work in recent years.  A friend says I’m on the verge of something – in art, in life.  Maybe both?

Paper planes have become an obsession.  They emerged with a very specific meaning in the painting ‘This is Progress’.  I left a job I loved without an idea of what I would do next.  I spent the better part of a year searching for the right thing, not even knowing what that was.  Seventeen resumes later (the number of crumpled paper planes in a pile at the bottom of the painting), I finally ‘took off’ again, feeling somewhat back on track.  As I showed ‘This is Progress’ to more and more people, everyone else started seeing different things, and the meaning morphed again and again, proving that we are all experiencing the same things at different points.

The work is layered, often built from previous paintings that weren’t working.  The color is minimal, something new for me, and drawing back into the work has become necessary.


K.Oberreich.2 K.Oberreich.1 Re-evaluate Your Need For Space  2013  Kate Oberreich Staged.K.Oberreich This.is.Progress.K.Oberreich