Meredith Setser

Subterrane Nimbus

Artist Statement

My installations are composed of handmade felt.  Its coarse aesthetic quality resembles both remnants of animals and fossilized rock formations.  The process of felt fabrication mirrors the geological phenomenon of the creation of earth strata, as both depend upon heat, moisture, and aggressive pressure/friction.  Images and patterns gleaned from various fields are printed onto the surface of the felt substrates.  These range from text and numeric characters from different languages, biological and geological patterning, and geometric diagrams taken from architectural studies.  Infinitely malleable due to their flexibility and softness, these fragmented prints can be folded and manipulated into a variety of forms in response to any given environment, generating the impression of an aggregate composed of layers of information and materials melded into a unified landscape.

For this particular exhibition I was interested in placing elements from underground above the viewers heads, in an attempt to create a cave-like setting.  Due to its location in Indy Reads Books (a venue whose existence is centered around the promotion of literacy and the exchange of information), the cave seemed like an ideal form to explore for this installation, as the very first evidence of humankinds exploration of pictorial communication has been found in caverns.  The title ‘Subterrane Nimbus’ is descriptive of the environment I intend to create… an atmosphere of floating, layered elements that can be seen as either converging or dispersing from or into a primal source.

Meredith Setser, 2013

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Subterranean NimbusSubterranean Nimbus, detail 1Subterranean Nimbus, detail 2Subterranean Nimbus, detail