Rita Spalding

 Artist Statement

My approach to painting is fairly traditional, but not purely representational.  I combine very realistic elements with an abstracted, softened view of reality.  While sometimes dramatic, I generally strive for a peaceful, calming beauty in my work.  I’m drawn to the chiaroscuro look of the old masters, but I use objects and combinations of objects with a more modern sensibility.  I am attracted to natural subject matter, and I enjoy combining it with stoneware or metal pieces.

Many of my still lifes include fruits or flowers, although I ‘m also drawn to fragile things, such as feathers, shells, and bird’s eggs.  Most of my work is painted from life in the studio over a period of weeks; however, I also paint en plein air landscapes and alla prima still lifes.  My love is creating quiet, poetic paintings with deep, rich colors, compelling subject matter, and concise, elegant compositions.

– Rita Spalding, 2013

"Green Pear";  18x24?   unframed; Aug 2013; (need better photo!!)  $1,800?? DSC_0014 luscious red cherries Together; 36x24; $3,800; black contemporary Aspen Frame; July 2010