Community Partners

Habitat for Humanity

At Indy Reads Books we believe all homes should have a library of books from which to read and learn. That is why in 2013 we partnered with Habitat for Humanity to help make this possible. Donating hundreds of books from our store, we were able to fill bookshelves in several Habitat for Humanity homes.  Not only were the shelves hand built, but each book was individually selected to fit the interests and wishes of the new home owners.  This project is supported by The Buckingham Companies.

Indy Do Day

While the spirit of volunteering provides the life blood of our organization, not every individual has the opportunity to commit to long-term positions. That is why partnering with Indy Do Day is so exciting. Each year individuals from around the community commit to spending an entire day fulfilling a community service project somewhere here in Indianapolis. In the past groups have spent the day working at Indy Reads Books  You can visit the Indy Do Day website to sign up for this year’s service projects.

Paws & Think

Although Indy Reads works primarily with adults who struggle with reading, our mission is to promote and improve literacy of adults and families in central Indiana. By partnering with Paws & Think we have been able to encourage even the youngest child to read.  Every other Saturday we host Paws to Read, using therapy dogs as a supportive audience. These dogs listen, free of judgement, as children read their favorite stories. To find dates of this free program, see our calendar here.

Partners in Housing

Throughout 2014, Indy Reads Books will be partnering with Partners in Housing to build and supply 16 bookshelves in 2 affordable housing apartment communities here in Indianapolis.  Indy Reads Books will donate hundreds of books that residents request.  The apartment residents will also attend our family literacy workshops, learning strategies to build a culture of reading in the home.  The project is being supported by Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis.

Trade School Indianapolis

Throughout the year, Indy Reads Books hosts a number of classes organized by Trade School Indianapolis.  This barter for knowledge program encourages anyone in Indy to try their hand at teaching and learning.  Instead of paying for classes, students bring requested items, making payment creative and affordable.  Trade School Indianapolis aims to support the exchange of practical wisdom and creative ideas.  Classes range in subjects from building a PC to cooking with coffee or journal writing.

Special Donations

In addition to working with organizations year round, we also provide small donations for programs and events supporting  the Indianapolis community.  Over the years we have provided support for McCoy Youth, the Julian Center, Oaks Academy, the YMCA Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, the Indianapolis Symphony Choir, and the Riley Area Development Corporation.  Through our donations we hope these organizations will make Indianapolis the best a city can be.