Emma Overman


For the 2½ years that I have had my daughter Annabel, I have felt compelled to create work for and about her. Caring for her full time has both hindered and supported this effort. While it allows me less time to paint, it leaves me completely immersed in her and in kid culture. Each of these paintings began in such a way.

One of our favorite activities is reading. I have a great collection of picture books dating back to my own childhood.  Some of the illustrations I find most artistically inspiring are by Richard Scarry. Four of these paintings are based on his work. It’s funny to me how people always assume artists are inspired by other artists with a similar look. I have more fun finding ideas I like expressed in a language very different than my own and interpreting them in my own world. There is so much exciting variety in my assortment of Richard Scarry books. It’s fun to steal, reorganize, and reinterpret a hot dog car from “Cars and Trucks and Things That Go,” a pink punch bowl from “Chipmunk’s Birthday Party,” and an assortment of balloons from “Great Big Air Book.” The result is something wholly different, and I enjoy the journey.

forest girl 1 up-up-and-away-web-1 meemo deedo beebo boon