How to stage an event at Indy Reads Books

Confirm date and time of event

Speak with a store manager during normal business hours about your event. What will you be doing? What equipment (if any) do you require? About how many people do you expect? There is no charge for public events held during regular store hours.

If you’d like to do a private event or the event will last beyond normal store hours, there is a charge for the space. Ask a manager for more information on scheduling and rates.

Calendar listing

Public events are listed on our calendar ( Check our calendar for your event listing to make sure date, time, and all details are correct. If you have a website or additional information you’d like to see on the listing, email us at with that information.


You are mainly responsible for promoting your event in print, social media, and other outlets. The number of attendees you have will be highly influenced by the amount of promotion you do. That being said, we may ask for promotional materials for our calendar and to share with local media sources. We also help you in these ways:

  • We allow you to post information about your event on our Facebook page.
  • If you tweet about your event and include @indyreadsbooks, we will do our best to retweet to our followers.
  • You may post flyers in our store, provided that they meet our standards for posting.


Standards for posting flyers

A good flyer is

  • readable.
    Use a fancy font if you like for the “headline,” but use a highly readable font for the rest of the text on your flyer. If you’re mixing colors, make sure the font color stands out strongly enough to be read.
  • NOT pixelated.
    Make sure all the images on your flyer are at least 220dpi (standard print resolution).
  • grammatically correct.
    Check for spelling and grammar errors before you print.
  • professionally phrased and executed.

    Your flyer doesn’t have to be a graphic design masterpiece – it just needs to look nice and professional, with copy that makes sense and fits the context.


Any questions?

You can always email us at, or drop in during normal store hours to talk to a manager. We look forward to your event!