Become a Shelf Curator

Shelf curators are volunteers who are responsible for caretaking specific sections. They spend the first part of every volunteer shift rotating stock and writing recommendations in their section, and they are invited to recommend new books from that genre for us to carry. Those who are comfortable also use social media to promote the AWESOME books in their section.

What section should I curate?

You should curate the section that you are MOST passionate and knowledgeable about! What kinds of books do you read the most? What authors do you follow on social media? Nearly all booklovers have a genre or two that they gravitate to. Would you care to share your knowledge and passion with us by becoming a section curator?

Do I need a Ph.D. to be a shelf curator? Do I have to be an absolute EXPERT?

No way. PLEASE, don’t feel like you have to be an “expert in the literature” (whatever that means!) to be a curator. If you passionately read that genre and have opinions about what is good and what isn’t, you’re qualified! Who knows, becoming a section curator may even expand your reading and interests a bit!

Writing recommendations… that sounds like a lot of pressure.

It’s really not! What’s the one big thing that makes you remember this book? Write that down on a recommendation form (this does not have to be fancy), and then put the book on the shelf. Something as simple as “I loved this book. The story is so memorable — you won’t forget it anytime soon!” is good enough. It’s all about sharing a great book with a new booklover… you can do that!

OK, I want to be a curator! Where do I sign up?

Email Meredith ( She’ll be happy to set a time to do a shelf curator training with you (this takes about an hour). Then, you’ll be an official member of the club!