Web-based Curating Resources

Take your curatorship to the next level and start following authors and book news sources via blogs, twitter, Facebook, etc!

Table of Contents:

Use Feedly to organize your book news sources
Great book feeds that EVERYONE should follow
– How to find web-based content specific to your genre
– Local events that attract authors

Use Feedly to organize your book news sources

Feedly is a feed reader that you can use to organize the many blogs and feeds you follow. It’s a great way to stay up-to-date with authors and book news sources, because you don’t have to visit each site individually; instead, your feedly is automatically updated every time new content is posted.

Here is a brief video tutorial on how to set up a Feedly account:

Get started with Feedly here: www.feedly.com

Great book feeds that EVERYONE should follow

Buzz Feed Books
NPR Books
NYT Books
– Book Riot

Watch the video above to learn how to add these to your Feedly and start following literary news!

Remember: this is only the beginning. You can branch out from here to endless sources of book news. You may find that a certain author and reviewer is to your liking. See what other publications he writes for and start following them, too! Another publication that sounds cool might get references a lot. Follow them for awhile and see if you like their stuff. The sky’s the limit.

How to find web-based content specific to your genre

Follow your favorite authors

Who are your favorites? Look up their website; many of them have blogs! (Check out the Feedly video above to learn how to add blogs to your Feedly account). Your favorite authors will most likely plug their friends and fellow writers. Check these guys out, too, and if you like ’em, follow ’em!

Some authors don’t have blogs, but they may have twitter, instagram, or other web-based content that you can follow with feedly. Some tutorials that may prove useful:

How to follow Twitter feeds with Feedly
– How to follow Instagram feeds with Feedly

Take Feedly’s suggestions (if it seems advisable)

One of the cool things about Feedly is that it actually suggests new content to you based on what you’re already reading. Where? Right here:


If you like what you see, then go ahead and add it to your Feedly!

Follow literary awards to learn about popular authors

Here are some literary awards that all of our curators should follow:

Pulitzer Prize
National Book Award
Man Booker Prize

Even though the bottom two go to fiction, if the award winning book has a corollary in your section (ie, a novel about the Civil War matches up with a non-fiction Civil War book… this happens all the time), it’s good for you to be aware that this is a hot topic.

Here is a list of literary awards by genre. Check out the big awards in your section and start following them.


Local events that attract authors

Follow these events to see if important authors are already going to be in town. Maybe you can convince them to stop by Indy Reads Books!

Butler Visiting Writers Series: the calendar for the upcoming school year hasn’t been posted yet… but check out last year’s visitors! CHERYL STRAYED came. Boy, would it have been nice to have her at Indy Reads Books!
Public Librarian’s Association conference: Again, next year’s schedule isn’t posted. But just you wait…
IMCPL visiting authors: Hey! This is an RSS feed you could add to your Feedly…

If you find other good sources of news about visiting authors, share it with us at www.indyreadsbooks.org/volunteer/shelf-curators. We can spread the word to all your shelf curator pals!